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Music this Week 11/8-11/10

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8 Nov

Music this Week 11/8-11/10

If you have never enjoyed music in our cute lil’ old-timey place, you are missing something special. Bands from near and far climb Tualatin Mountain to share their talent with us. So close to Portland but it feels so far; coming up here is like going to the coast without leaving your backyard. Let our country vibes shake loose the spreadsheets & stresses of city life.

Normally, we host music on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights starting at 7pm but THIS week (and sometimes others) we are adding a


soirée with LITTLE BROTHERS, who are representatives from THE BROTHER’S JAM. The Bros have been bringing their rootsy, Grateful Dead and Talking Heads-inspired to the world for 30+ years.


brings back KASEY ANDERSON, a long-time Portland musician who, after some time away from the scene, returned to play his first show at the Tavern in 2017. His recently released album “Hawks and Doves From a White Hotel” has earned stellar reviews.

Hawks and Doves from a White Hotel shines it’s spotlight on a new, improved Anderson; sober, sharp and ready to make up for lost time.” – Rolling Stone


we round off the weekend with a very special visit from Portland’s favorite Rock and Soul power trio The Resolectrics in their first appearance at the Tavern after releasing their highly anticipated sophomore album “Open Seas” in October. With a heavy PNW following and active touring schedule, these guys will definitely be bringing lots of fun and fans. See you there!

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